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Filemaker Pro Programmers

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Filemaker Pro Technical Support

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What is FileMaker Pro?

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FileMaker Pro (version 7 and later) is a database program with rich graphical and networking capabilities. The most popular features are:

  • Equal functionality on Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS desktop computers, and support for simultaneous file sharing.
  • Self documenting graphical programming tools.
  • Ability to store and present pictures, sound, Quicktime movies, and memo length formatted text, as well as common data formats.
  • Excellent import/export, ODBC, and XML compatibility.
  • Support of data sizes in the millions of records.
  • Network sharing with little or no additional programming on networks, supporting up to 250 "logged in" users.
  • True client/server data processing, supporting Windows and Mac OS data servers.
  • Self contained web server for website data entry, presentation, or eCommerce.
  • Support for integration with Apache web server.
FileMaker Pro is now at version 11! Ask us why you should upgrade today.

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FileMaker Pro - A Technical Specification

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Updated 2005-

For the more technically minded, here is a technical description:

  • Hybrid Two-Tier Client Server Structure - FileMaker Pro processes data in a two-tier method. The central server manages and indexes data, record locking, and monitors users activity. Client computers perform most of the calculations, data manipulation, filtering, display, and printing functions. FileMaker Pro maintains program code in a one-tier method. No program code or templates are distributed to client computers. The central server maintains one central copy of the database code, and uploads the code to client computers as required.
  • Data File Format - FileMaker Pro uses a proprietary data format, and the data files are not compatible with other reporting tools (except using ODBC).
  • Tables - FileMaker Pro supports a maximum of one million tables.
  • Data Table Size - FileMaker Pro has a maximum data table size of 8 tera bytes (terabyte = 1024 gigabytes). Each table may store up to 64 quadrillion records (quadrillion= 1015, that is a real number, not a made up word!).
  • Security - full account/password security with shared group level access levels.
  • Programming Language - FileMaker Pro uses a proprietary, hybrid graphical programming environment. There is no text editor or import/export capability for program code.
  • ODBC - FileMaker Pro may function as both an ODBC client and an ODBC data source.
  • ActiveX - specific features in FileMaker Pro can be controlled or accessed using ActiveX.
  • HTML Serving - FileMaker Pro has a built in http server for integrated database websites.
  • Secure HTML - FileMaker Pro offers an https server.

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Our Services

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Whether trying to squeeze extra performance out of your existing FileMaker Pro database, or looking for a completely new system, we offer professional services guaranteed to meet your objectives. Common consulting tasks include:

  • Determining whether faster hardware or improved database design are required to improved performance.
  • Upgrading from a single user database to a networked system.
  • Adding advanced features, relational structures, and improved appearance to existing databases.
  • Optimizing, streamlining, and reorganization of older databases that have been heavily modified by users.
  • Using FileMaker Pro as an internet information gathering or display tool.
  • Creating a new database system to replace another database product or for a new business.

Forget trying to adapt your business to someone else's templates, let us make the software you need, and streamline your business in the process!

Click here for screen details of this custom Filemaker Pro example

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Our Approach

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Filemake Pro Support

Our standard contract gives you complete modification rights to your database system. We do not "Lock" our completed work. We can and usually do provide written project estimates, but all of our work is performed and billed on an hourly basis.

We keep our clients informed and involved through all stages of our development work. Whenever possible, we try to complete work in modules, so that the client may see valid progress, and give instructions for changes if necessary.

All of our work is performed in an orderly and structured manner, with comments and documentation provided on all program code. In the event of an emergency, our finished databases can be understood by others.

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Technical Solutions for Human Needs

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