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Filemaker Pro Programmers

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Applied Arts Operations Research, Management, and Industrial Consulting

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Operations Consulting Services

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Industrial Engineering, Management Science, Decision Science, Operations Research - whatever you call it (and these are just a few of the commonly used names) - A2 Analytics is equipped to provide valuable and insightful guidance for your business. Our associates hold advanced degrees from respected institutions in the U.S. and abroad, in subjects ranging from engineering and computer science to management and economics. A2 Analytics is prepared to assist your firm with

  • Supply Chain Management - reviewing your purchasing and material acquisition methods.
  • Logistics - assistance with your negotiation and purchase of truck, air, rail, or ocean freight.
  • Quality Control or Customer Service - review of operating processes to improve outcomes.
  • Strategic Planning - statistical analysis of market conditions and production constraints, or perhaps simply writing a new business plan.

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Our Approach

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Filemake Pro Support

We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your needs.

We pride ourselves in high quality work:

  • Fast, efficient project completion.
  • Clear communication as to what the project expectations are.
  • Clear, concise written reports with supporting data.

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Technical Solutions for Human Needs

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